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Partnering with YJPOM


We are proud to announce that Peach Tree Retirement Center, in collaboration with Youth Justis Project Outreach Ministry, has successfully empowered 4 youth

and 3 young adults through our volunteer opportunities that have led to employment.


Each of our youth (14/15) has completed assignments, training and successfully gained part-time employment.


If that wasn't enough, our youth and young adults have shared a vision (inspired by Shoshonee Justis & Lea'yla Taylor) that they are ready to execute their leadership skills and provide volunteer training and Job skill opportunities to other kids in Yakima Valley.


Each YV-Youth Volunteer will gain experience that will give them a competitive edge through our hands-on volunteer job skills training in real-time. 


In many cases, the youth will train youth under the supervision of young adult leaders (Vanessa & Hailey) and adult team members. (Che'yla, Safauna, Taylor)


The youth will learn valuable skills and blessings to help lessen the impact of possible poverty by equipping them with job and communication skills, reliability, leadership and money management, prayer, biblical principles, and more. 


Youth - Overview of what to do:

  1. Research and write two essays. Email them to peachtreeretirement@gmail.com by June 2nd. 

    • One essay will be at least two paragraphs on a topic from the list below.​

    • The second essay will be at least a paragraph about your skills and talents, and why you should be chosen.

  2. There will be a meeting on June 9th at Peach Tree Retirement Center to sign up for job shadowing. Winning topic essays will be posted online on our blog.

  3. There will be a 2-hour job shadow interview, after which you can decide if you want to continue with the volunteer program.

  4. During the volunteer training, there will be extra assignments that you must complete to be considered for the volunteer with employment opportunity (VWEO).

  5. See more details and the list of topics down below.

Areas of Volunteer/job skill training are:

1. Prep Cook

2. Cook (job shadow and duties pending age)

3. Housekeeping 

4. Activities 

5. Landscaping

6. Dog Walking

7. Entertainment 

8. Scriptwriting /video creation commercial/film/advertising and...

9. Marketing 

10. Outreach

11. Basic Maintenance 

12. Ministry & Youth and Senior Friendships and more...


  • Upon completion, Youth may use volunteer hours and Management as a reference.

  • Job skills

  • Helping others

  • Pizza parties

  • Chance to win gift cards

  • Make new friends

  • Networking and more...

Those interested must follow these steps and parents/adults/mentors have a part as well.


Adult Duties:

Adults join parent Facebook Parent group and AffordableSeniorHousingYakima.com for more info on your and your youth's duties and responsibilities.

Please leave us a review on Google under Peach Tree Retirement Center & Affordable Senior Housing Yakima and share your excitement about this opportunity.

(Parents/Adults/Mentors): Help, but don't do it all for them - we already give you an A+ for being a parent/adult/mentor in a youth's life, you've earned it!)  

Youth: Steps to take...

  1. Step 1

    • Research and write at least 2 paragraphs or more about one of the topics listed below including why Peach Tree would fill that need.​

    • A minimum paragraph or more about your skills,  talents, and why you should be selected.

    • Choose topic/keywords: From the list below

    • Parent & Youth both must immediately fill out the contact form on AffordableSeniorHousingYakima.com to express interest. (Click to be taken to it!)

    • Your essay must be emailed to peachtreeretirement@gmail.com by June 2nd. Bring a printed copy to Peach Tree Retirement Center on June 9th for the youth introduction.

    • The essays will be read by seniors and displayed on our website, online platforms, and wall at Peach Tree Retirement Center- Affordable Senior Housing Yakima.

    • Essays will be posted on our website and in person at Peach Tree Retirement where our seniors will read and vote on the top 3 winners. The top 3 will receive prizes for the best essays. Prizes will be presented on June 9th.

  2. 2nd step of the interview is a 2-hour job shadow. Each participant will follow different team members in different job duties, Senior, and interview with the Director Barbara Ziegler. (No worries she's a silky fun character)

    • Lea'yla or Shoshonee will contact you with the times and details for your skills/duties shadow time.

  3. Decisions to continue and/or complete 20 hours (or more if interested) of volunteer learning with the potential to become a Peachy Team Family Member are made by interested Youth/Parent and Peach Tree Retirement Center and its Peachy Family team and Seniors in this facility. (Start 20 hours Volunteer skills learning.

Due to high interest, we will take on a few key youths at a time and others will go on a waiting list.  

We are an equal opportunity employer and volunteer business. 

(Possible  2 to 4 youth volunteers at a time)

Some individuals will be selected to continue on with the volunteer with employment opportunity (VWEO). Not all will be offered employment or continuous volunteer opportunities. This is based on various factors. We have strict attendance and mask policies, along with other criteria.  

The selection will be made by evaluating the success of each youth. These individuals will be punctual, clean and crisp uniforms, positive and outgoing, complete all extra assignments given, essays, articles, scriptwriting, specified extra volunteer projects, be a team player and more.


If any challenges arise in the selection process, each outstanding youth that completes all assignments efficiently will have their name put in a hat and we will draw names to choose who may be selected for the volunteer with employment opportunity (VWEO).

At least 20 hours are required. Upon completion, if there are no issues with attendance, attitude, performance, ability to speak up (hearing challenged residents), working as a team, etc., the youth may be offered the next youth part-time position available or act as a fill-in to cover shifts that are available.


Target age group: (Primary 14/15) & (16/17 Secondary)

After completing 20 hours will receive a 25.00 gift card. 

A youth party after 60 days (Social Distanced of course) 


Topics, Links, and hints are listed below:



  1. Peach Tree Retirement Center - Senior Living Family Style and the benefits of Seniors living here.

  2. Assisted Living vs Independent Retirement Living 

  3. Pro's and Cons of living at home vs Senior Living Facility 

  4. Benefits of Youth and Elderly working or spending time together

  5. Veterans story - Can be someone you know or you may interview a veteran at Peach Tree.

    • Contact Lea'yla or Shoshonee at Peach Tree Retirement Center 509.248.1766 if you would like to interview one of our veterans. In most cases, Parents must be present to help facilitate the interview.

  6. Write a story about a senior's life as a young person and adult

    • Contact Lea'yla or Shoshonee at Peach Tree Retirement Center 509.248.1766 if you would like to interview one of our veterans. In most cases, Parents must be present to help facilitate the interview. 

  7. Article on the importance of family, friends, and volunteers to visit seniors in nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement communities.

  8. Feeling Brave? A senior/Elderly from the eyes and perspective of a youth/you.

  9. Risk of stairs and elevators to Elderly 

  10. The struggles of losing your memory

  11. What people should and should not do or say to a person with memory loss or dementia.

  12. Cost comparison between assisted living and Independent Senior living facilities

Resources to use to research: 

These are not the only resources you can/should use. You're encouraged to search for other resources to research your chosen topic.

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